WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #5 in Wichita has released a statement regarding an incident that took place between Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple and a Wichita police officer.

The incident took place during a neighborhood cleanup event in September. Whipple claims the officer acted inappropriately toward him and did not have his body camera on until Whipple called City Manager Robert Layton.

The FOP says it is disappointed with how Whipple conducted himself.

“We have seen the video of the Wichita Police Officer and Mayor Whipple from the
neighborhood clean-up that occurred on September 24th,” The statement reads. “We are disappointed at how Mayor Whipple conducted himself during the incident and how he responded after the incident by publicly attacking the Officer. We are also concerned that Mayor Whipple released his own copy of the incident and did not include the video of the witness.”

The FOP release said the officer was “loud, stern and direct in his verbal commands to Mayor Whipple and had to be due to the distance the Officer was from Mayor Whipple who was in his vehicle. The Officer initiated the contact because Mayor Whipple made an improper u-turn, going through a closed median and past a patrol vehicle blocking the entrance to the parking lot where they were doing the neighborhood clean-up.”

The neighborhood cleanup event was just for residents who live in District 4, which Whipple does not. Whipple said the property came from a rental unit in the area, though.

The FOP said it was offended that Whipple tried to deflect attention from his own conduct by “personally attacking” the officer with “false and overexaggerated” accusations.