WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — An organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and ending domestic violence has reason to celebrate.

The Wichita Family Crisis Center raised more than $7.2 million to complete its NEW HOPE Capital Campaign. The money is going toward a new facility five times the size of the old building.

“We have been witnessing epidemic levels of domestic violence and human trafficking, and for years there has been not enough safe, confidential space for victims. We regularly lacked capacity for 40 to 50 victims a month. We spent years trying to find safe places to keep people alive while working in a run down, leaking shelter with only 2 bathrooms,” Tracey Gay, director of Client Services, said in a news release.

For years, there has been insufficient emergency shelter space for domestic violence victims and their children. Officials say the new Crisis Center will triple the emergency shelter space.

They say it will also be the leader for “cutting-edge prevention programming and will make a generational impact on the domestic violence and human trafficking landscape” in south-central Kansas.

“Given that domestic violence and human trafficking are inextricably linked to the mental health and substance abuses crises, we expect to experience a positive impact on our community as a whole for many years to come thanks to this project,” Amanda Meyers, executive director, said. “This is one of the most significant and beneficial events to happen in the Wichita community in a decade. We should all celebrate.”

She said the new facility will open early this year.

Money for the capital campaign came from more than just Wichita donations, businesses and grants.

“Donors from all over recognized the need here. The campaign secured more than $2 million from out-of-county and out-of-state,” Amy Cox, director of development, said.

If you are in crisis, call the Wichita Family Crisis Center at any time of the day. The hotline at 316-267-SAFE, which is 316-267-7233.