WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly questioned a proposed ban on transgender athletes in girl’s and women’s school sports. The Senate approved the measure on a 26-11 vote Friday after the House passed it late Thursday on a 76-43 vote.

The governor called the bill a “job killer.” She said in other states like North Carolina, companies decided they would not move their headquarters there when similar bills passed.

She also expressed concern over some of the voting bills passed in the Kansas legislature, calling them discriminatory.

“We know companies are making it very clear that they are not interested in this kind of regressive legislation that discriminates against anybody they need people they need smart people and they need a lot of them,” said Governor Kelly.

The governor said while she is waiting until she is able to fully see the bill, she will not support any bill that she says hurts the state’s recovering workforce.