CONWAY SPRINGS, Kansas – Officials have rescued a man who had been trapped in an elevator in Conway Springs. It happened at 524 Parallel Street at the Farmers Co-Op.

Sumner County Emergency Management says that crews from Conway Springs, Sedgwick County, and Wichita Fire were on the scene. Wichita fire says a team helped to extricate a man from approximately 80 feet down in a grain bin.

While working to extricate him, the man was responding to crews and they are talking to him attempting to keep him comfortable, said James Fair, Sumner County Emergency Management. “They have got him harnessed to where he is not going to be in much more danger to become further entrapped.”

Fair says crews were working in the bin at the time one of the men became entrapped in the grain.

“They were doing some maintenance in there. They were working as a team as they were supposed to.”

According to an official on scene, the man got sucked into the bin up to his waist in grain and became trapped with a risk of sinking deeper into the grain.

Crews established a drop line from the top to get inside the bin and created a barrier between the man and the rest of the grain.

This allowed them to start removing grain from the elevator in order to get the man loose and extricate him.

Crews stated how fortunate it is to have the advancement in technology that allowed them to save the man’s life.

The man was taken to Via Christi St. Francis in Wichita.  He was released from the hospital this morning with no visible injuries.