GREENWOOD COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – A Kansas sheriff’s office is going the extra mile to serve and protect its county in the fight against coronavirus. Greenwood County deputies are helping people get their essential items without ever leaving home.

Deputies are delivering prescriptions, groceries, and medical supplies to homes throughout the county. Sheriff Heath Samuels said the goal is to encourage Greenwood County residents to stay home and stay healthy.

“We’re just trying to support our community in this time of need,” said Sheriff Samuel.

A few weeks ago, when the coronavirus started to ramp up, Sheriff Samuels and his deputies began delivering essentials to some of the most vulnerable in the community.

“So we started with that just to protect them by delivering different goods to their house,” Sheriff Samuel said.

Now, they’ve expanded their delivery services to all 1,200 square miles of Greenwood County. As of March 31, it’s a county that currently does not have any positive cases of the virus, and the sheriff hopes it will stay that way.

“Just to prevent COVID 19 as long as we possibly can and keep our bell curve down,” said Sheriff Samuels.

Some of the vendors the sheriff’s office has made deliveries for include G & W Foods grocery store, meals on wheels, and Eureka Pharmacy.

“We had a patient that was unable to come get her medication,” said Isaac Boone, Eureka Pharmacy Manager. “She lives about 25 minutes away. A 90-year-old woman who definitely doesn’t need to be getting out right now with everything going on. So, I made a phone call down to the sheriff’s department and there was an officer up there [who] picked it up within about five minutes and the patient was very pleased.”

Boone said his pharmacy has only one delivery person on staff and having the deputies offer to help meet the high demand for prescription deliveries is a nice gesture.

“Our number one goal is to support our community,” said Boone. “It’s helped us to do that in a safer way. It also helps me keep some of my employees safe. So whenever our deputies offered to do that it keeps everyone safer and it allows us to take care of our community.”

“It’s our chance to give back and that’s what we’re doing,” said Sheriff Samuels.

If you live in Greenwood County and would like to schedule a Stay-at-Home delivery service contact the Sheriff’s Office at 620-583-5568. Arrange payment with the vendor first before scheduling a delivery.