TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — COVID-19 boosters are rolling out into the community fast, but some people seem to have complications when making appointments to get one.

Kay Logan is a Topeka resident who was having issues scheduling her appointment to get her vaccine. After debating with herself for quite some time, she finally decided to get the booster. But, when it came time to make the appointment, she was having a lot of trouble doing it online.

“I don’t know whether I was doing something wrong or what but every time I would come to the spot where you press to make the appointment, nothing happened,” Logan said.

Many places that are offering boosters have appointment times listed online for people to choose from. But, places like Jayhawk pharmacy have the phone number listed for people to call instead.

“Patients enjoy speaking to someone directly rather than having to go through a lot of different channels to get their appointments scheduled,” Matthew Kirmse, a pharmacist at Jayhawk Pharmacy, said. “We’ve tried other methods in the past, with scheduling online and just think this was the best way that worked for us and worked for patients.”

A spokesperson from Stormont Vail says they are scheduling appointments fast right now and recommend that rather than skipping out on your extra dose, find another place in town to accommodate you.

“When I saw someplace I could call that had a telephone number; I got an appointment right away,” Logan said.

You can visit here to find a local place near you that offers booster vaccines.