LIBERAL, Kan. (KSNW) – Seward County saw a large spike in COVID-19 cases in late April making it one of the hardest-hit counties in the state. 

As the community continues to recover, one organization is stepping in to help ease the process. 

The group says it saw a need and decided to step up. Now, their hard work is paying off.

Personal protective equipment is key in keeping frontline workers safe.

During the pandemic, Seward County, like so many other areas in Kansas has struggled to keep up with the demand.

“Isolation gowns have been a big concern for us. Went from being very inexpensive to very expensive, as well as easy to obtain to very difficult to obtain,” said Robin Allaman, VP of Patient Care Services at Southwest Medical Center.

The Lions Club wanted to keep the frontline workers safe.

“We just saw how many cases were down there, and how much they were hurting and we just wanted to help,” said Tom Baumann, Former District Governor of Lions Club 17 K

They came together to donate 1,000 gowns to the Southwest Medical Center.

“This is just our way to help keep these people safe so they can keep helping the people that need it the most,” said Diana Baumann, District Governor of Lions Club 17 K.

Hospital officials say the donation was much-needed.

“We’re just very appreciative and excited that we’re able to keep our people safe and continue to provide care for our people,” said Allaman.

The cases in Seward County have steadied, but in the event another spike does occur, hospital officials say this donation will help keep them prepared.