WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Ad-Astra Coalition is a group created to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic here in Kansas. This coalition is made up of Textron Aviation, Airbus, WSU and WSU Tech.

This week, KSN News spoke with the men who are helping create PPE gear for our frontline workers. They say the best feeling is knowing they’re helping their community and being able to do it in a timely manner.

Joel White, a senior research engineer, says so far they have been able to deliver around 12,000 face shield mask to frontline workers. They plan to create at least 20,000 of those but that’s not the only thing they are creating. WSU and Airbus have teamed up to be able and create a much-needed item in hospitals and medical centers.

“We have orders for at least 2,000 stethoscopes, so that’s what we are trying to fulfill at this point,” said White.

“Here at WSU, WSU and Airbus are producing these stethoscopes, these are disposable stethoscopes the beauty of them is that we can use them for one COVID-19 patient and when that patient leaves just simply discard it and throw it away,” said David Alexander, president of Via Christi Foundation.

The process to make one stethoscope takes about two hours using 3D printers.