NORTON, Kan. (KSNW) – In northwest Kansas, Norton County experienced a significant surge in COVID-19 cases throughout the month of October and now into November.

The Norton County Hospital has been working toward relieving any community worries regarding the outbreaks through an online video series. It’s called ‘Ask the Doc.’ 

“Telecommunication is certainly necessary in a remote area of the state,” said Rose Garrison, Lifelong Norton Community Member.

The video series was first created during the beginning of the pandemic and had a resurgence after COVID cases began to rise.

It’s a play off of telehealth.

Community members from the hard-hit Norton area can submit COVID-related questions and concerns to the Norton County Hospital’s Facebook page.

They will then be answered first-hand by a local doctor on a weekly video series.

It is meant to help navigate how to live in a COVID hotspot while also moving forward in a COVID world.

“Being informed with the facts, and not misinformation has been such a big part of this video series that they’re doing,” said Megan Keiswetter, Norton Community Member.

‘Ask the Doc’ has been the hospital’s way of bringing its services to each and every community member, offering them answers straight from the doctors treating patients in the area.

The hospital has posted seven videos so far, answering questions on things like masks, hand hygiene, social distancing, and if the COVID pandemic will eventually end.

Organizers hope sharing information from local sources will help the advice to hit home. 

“It’s nice to be able to see how it really pertains to us in a rural America versus just in the urban areas,” said Keiswetter.

Medical officials hope the community will heed the advice through wearing masks, washing hands, and staying socially distant.

“COVID is going to spread throughout the community, but we can limit how quickly it spreads,” said Katie Allen, Community Relations Director for Norton County Hospital.

Hospital officials say they wanted to be a voice of calmness and clarity and help prevent further spread of the virus.

“We are able to continue to provide the best healthcare that we can to our community, but in a safe manner,” Josh Gaede, Norton County Hospital Doctor.

For more information on the ‘Ask the Doc’ video series, click here.