WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – An organization that is always striving to help others is doing what they do best to help meet a great need.

Assistance League of Wichita members had to close their thrift shop, and many of their community efforts are idle, but their crafty hands are sure busy.

“When what we are used to gets taken away from us, it’s just been very natural to reach out and try to figure out some other way, not only to keep busy but to feel like you are doing something to help other people,” Assistance League of Wichita President Ruth Ann Koepsel said.

Members have been generously donating their time and fabric, to make colorful face masks.

Some of the masks were sent to Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice, and others are helping people at the Dole VA Medical Center.

“Whether its one of our big philanthropic programs, or those members who come in to work day in and day out working in the back room taking in donations, here at the thrift shop, everything we do is with that end purpose of helping those in our community,” Assistance League of Wichita President Ruth Ann Koepsel said.

ALW is a chapter of National Assistance League, a nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to transforming the lives of children and adults through community-based philanthropic programs, that address the needs of the Wichita Community.

They support many causes, such as school clothes for children and counseling for abuse victims.

The ALW supports a large part of its programs through funds received at the thrift store, so they are already making plans to get back to business here, once they can safely do so.

The Thrift Shop is located at 2431 E. Douglas.

For more on the programs the Assistance League of Wichita supports and to find out more about the store, click here.