WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Nightlife in Wichita could soon be put on hold again. It has many bars and clubs in Sedgwick County worried about their future.

“A lot of fingers are being pointed at bars and nightclubs, and the virus is far beyond bars and nightclubs,” said Fever Nightlife General Manager Austin Henry.

It’s been about two months of being back open for many bars and clubs in Sedgwick County, but with a new health order, bars and clubs may have to close for a second time. If restaurants serve food, it would limit their hours, forcing them to close by 10 p.m.

It’s a situation some businesses fear they won’t be able to overcome.

“It’s bad for business, and I’ve seen the numbers for this year, and it does make me a little nervous,” said Henry.

“People like to hang out sun down so if we’re closing at 10 essentially we’re closing at the time we start business,” said Sorrels Jamaican Food investor Raul Aguilar.

Fever Nightlife said they don’t understand why other businesses wont close too.

Sorrels Jamaican Food said they can keep the doors open, but the business isn’t as good during the day.

Both businesses said they are still trying to recover from the first round of closure,s and it has them hoping something can change. 

“I don’t understand why closing down just bars and nightclubs and restricting just us is gonna make things any better,” said Henry.

“It makes it more difficult and challenging for us to get through it,” said Aguilar.