WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – One non-profit is increasing the number of its COVID-19 vaccination clinics in our area.

Midge Dempsey, from the Black Nurses Association, said since the spike in COVID-19 cases, they have increased their mobile vaccination partners and locations. As of now, the group is working hand in hand with Sedgwick County Health Department, Health Core, Evergreen Recreation Center and with Governor Laura Kelly’s COVID task force team.

The goal for the organization is to increase the number of people vaccinated in Wichita, including those minority communities who are often lower in the percentage rate. 

“We have our own stories that we share, and we can take those to the clinics,” said Dempsey. “We are in the clinics; we are telling our personal story and so that’s why it’s so vital for our organization to pick up this torch and run with it and I really don’t see our organization doing anything other than what we are doing because that is what our mission statement is, we serve, we serve in the community.”

The organization hopes to open more pop-up vaccination sites within the next few weeks.