WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — If you are looking to get tested for COVID-19 in Sedgwick County, you will need to prepare to be patient and pay up. Most available tests in the area take 72 hours for results and will most likely cost you.

“At this point, I don’t know where someone can go and get a rapid antigen test,” said Sedgwick County Health Director Adrienne Byrne.

The spread of the omicron variant is causing a shortage of free rapid tests across Sedgwick County and the state.

“It’s just difficult to come by across the board,” said Byrne.

“We ordered a thousand, and we got 640, so we’re waiting on the balance,” said J.V. Johnston, the executive director at Guadalupe Clinic.

The Guadalupe Clinic says it ran out of rapid COVID-19 tests on Monday.

“We look for the UPS man every day,” said Johnston. “We’ve also got another order for another 1,000 hopefully coming in.”

The Dandurand Drugstore says it has been out of at-home testing kits since Christmas.

“Our wholesaler’s been out; we haven’t been able to find any from anywhere else,” said Ashley Shogren, who works at Dandurand.

Not only that, results are taking longer to get from the free nasal swab testing Dandurand can offer.

“They say within 24-48 hours, we’ve been seeing up to 72 hours because the lab is swamped,” said Shogren.

“It’s like I’m going into battle with no ammunition,” said Tom Langer, with the Cowley County Health Department.

On Wednesday, Cowley County Health Department had to stop COVID-19 testing after they used their supply of rapid tests.

“I’m a little upset with my state health agency. They did not even give any indication that we were not going to be able to get that,” said Langer.