WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – More vaccines are on the way to the state, and now there are more people to administer them. Gov. Laura Kelly issued an order Wednesday to ensure there are enough vaccinators to vaccinate more Kansans quickly.

“The order makes it clear that pharmacy students, dentists, paramedics, and other health care professionals are authorized to vaccinate Kansas with the COVID-19 vaccine,” Kelly said. “Professionals in these areas routinely administer injections, we just want to make it clear that the authority extends to administrating the COVID-19 vaccine,” she said.

With more trained professionals, more Kansans will be able to get a shot. 

Mason and Mason Dentistry Dr. Ranjit Ghanta was excited after hearing the news. 

“I think we’re perfectly trained to administer the vaccine,” said Ghanta. 

Ghanta said from the numbing injections in the mouth to using small tools, he feels ready to vaccinate. He said he is willing to help at clinics or even put aside a place at the office to administer vaccines. 

“We give so many shots every day and honestly giving a shot in the mouth is one of the hardest things you can do — so giving someone a quick jab in the arm is really not a big deal for us,” said Ghanta. “It’s just another thing we can do to help people in our daily lives.”

Ghanta said other states have allowed dentists to administer the vaccine and is glad Kansas is finally on board. 

Ghanta is not the only one stepping up. Last week, third-party pharmacies were given their opportunity to start giving out vaccines. While the winter weather delayed the latest shipment, many pharmacies are full steam ahead on distribution.

The Mulvane Health Mart Pharmacy is one of those taking part. Owner and Pharmacist Chadwick Ball said it’s kept his business busy. 

“We’re looking at 80 to 100 doses, a week that we’ll be giving trying to get,” said Ball.

Ball said the calls have been flooding in. He said it can get overwhelming, but he is happy to help. The pharmacy currently allows 65 and older to get the vaccine. He said they follow federal guidelines and not the state. He said other pharmacies are doing similar things and if you qualify, to call your local pharmacy.

Ball said having more groups take on those requests — the better the response will be to the demand. Both Ghanta and Ball said their main goal is to get the vaccine distributed efficiently.