DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – There are many concerns school districts are facing, as they create a plan for teaching outside of the classroom, but several internet providers are wanting to help.

“It needed to be something quick and easy because we had one week to try and enable as many people as we could,” said United Wireless Customer Operations Manager Jeff Renner.

The service depends on the area, whether you have cell service allowing you to turn on a hotspot or providers helping you set up a route, either way, providers are giving students the internet with no fees.

For one local school district, the news helped them move forward.

“We knew a few kids needed internet,” said Spearville Superintendent Daryl Stegman. “We’re kind of excited, a little bit nervous, probably not as nervous as the parents but were ready to start and figure out our deployment method.”

Stagmen said they are ready for the future and thankful for the help of United Wireless. 

United Wireless officials said to contact your school to inform them you need the internet.

Here is a list of internet providers in the area and how they’re helping:

Sprint: Increased the amount of free high-speed data that each student receives from 10 GB/month to 20 GB/month. More information can be found here.

Verizon Wireless: Waive overage charges and late fees to support customers who may be financially affected by the COVID-19 crisis for two months, adds 15 GB of high-speed data free of charge, and no data caps. More information can be found here.

AT&T: Free wireless data to school districts for 60 days,  two free months of free service for new members, free access to their video calling app Caribu. More information can be found here.

United Wireless: Giving schools routers, waiving overage charges and hotspot fees, no disconnect or late fees. More information can be found here.

Xfinity: WiFi free for everyone, pausing our data plan, no disconnect or late fees. More information can be found here.

CenturyLink: Waive late fees, won’t terminate residential or small business customers for 60 days due to financial circumstances. More information can be found here.

COX: eliminating data usage overages for a 60-day period, Connect2Compete (low-cost internet for low-income families with K-12 students) will be free, residential customers in the company’s Starter, Straight-Up Internet, and Connect2Compete packages will be automatically upgraded to speeds of 50 Mbps, temporary price reduction and speed increase for our Starter internet product, to help seniors and college students. More information can be found here.

Pioneer Communications: free internet and WiFi access intended for enabling online learning through May 31, 2020, to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Pioneer Communications internet subscription,l increase 10Mbps internet to 20Mbps and 25Mbps where available, open WiFi hotspots for free public use. More information can be found here.