WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Well-known radio personality, Greg Williams or The Hitman, has spent days in the hospital fighting for his life while battling COVID-19 and pneumonia.

“They saved my life when I was just fighting to breathe,” said Williams.

It’s been an emotional few weeks for the radio personality and his family.

After traveling and taking recommended precautions, he said he started to feel sick.

“I got home, and as soon as I walked in the door, my wife said you’re going to immediate care right now,” said Williams.

After getting checked by doctors, his COVID-19 test came back positive so he started his quarantine. Then, his symptoms got worse.

“Next thing I know, I’m being wheeled into the COVID unit,” said Williams. “They said ‘we are admitting you right now.’ You have zero energy. You’re completely fatigued with this thing. It just sucks the life out of you.”

COVID-19 lead to bilateral pneumonia, and Williams said breathing got harder.

An outpouring of support came from the community, and he said that’s what kept him going along with the support from his family.

“It made me grateful and appreciative and thankful,” said Williams. “The power is greater than my own.”

Williams said when COVID-19 was at its worst, he thought that could be the end.

“I saw things and they were family members and friends who had passed on,” said Williams. “I saw their faces and heard their voices. At one point, I really thought I was there.”

He said he also heard encouraging words from his wife while in the hospital.

“She said I’m not ready for you to go yet. Don’t leave me,” said Williams.

Williams is urging people to wear masks and take precautions. He said even with all of that, this can happen to anyone.

“It’s worse than anything I ever saw reported or read about,” said Williams. “It’s worse and only a person who’s experienced that can really know what that is.”

He said the radio station had to be thoroughly cleaned and his co-workers did not return back to the studio until this week.

The Hitman sees the doctor again this week and is hoping to return to the airwaves on Power 93.5 on Monday.