MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas State University is installing devices in dorm rooms to help fight coronavirus. The university has purchased 1,600 “spheres” that produces dry hydrogen peroxide, a molecule that fights bacteria, viruses and mold. The device is made by Synexis, a biotechnology company based in Lenexa.

K-State staff began installing the first 300 devices this week, starting in Ford Hall. Derek Jackson is the associate vice president for student life. He said the devices will eventually be installed in every dorm room housing more than one person on campus.

“It’s like going to kindergarten,” Jackson said. “Our college students are bringing germs from around the world, coming together, mixing them in a closer environment and there’s a lot of rebuilding of immunities.”

Jackson said the university originally bought the devices primarily to fight mold. He said the university started testing Synexis devices two years ago in dorm lobbies and Lafene Health Center.

“We were doing baseline testing. Seven day, 14 day and 30 day testing over the last two years,” Jackson said. “We were seeing 85 to 95% antimicrobial load change, reducing of those unwanted living organisms on surfaces and in the air.”

The devices have not been proven to fight COVID-19. However, Jackson said it has been proven to fight other coronaviruses.

Jackson said the university is expected a shipment of 1,300 more spheres over the next two weeks. He said they expect to have them installed by the end of September.