NEW YORK (KSNW) – A northeast Kansas farmer gave one of his only N95 masks for a healthcare worker on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic in New York, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In a Friday press conference, the New York governor told the story of the farmer, Dennis, who wrote to Cuomo and offered up one of his five N95 masks. He wanted the governor to pass it to a front-line healthcare worker in New York. The farmer’s wife has one lung and diabetes according to Cuomo, but Dennis still chose to offer up the mask to help protect nurses and doctors.

“We are in our 70’s now and frankly, I am afraid for her,” Dennis said. “Enclosed find a solitary N95 mask left over from my farming days. It has never been used. If you could, would you please give this mask to a nurse or doctor in your city? I have kept four masks for my immediate family. Please keep on doing what you do so well, which is to lead.”

New York is the hardest-hit state by the coronavirus with over 146,000 confirmed cases, according to John Hopkins University & Medicine.

“Dennis, if you’re watching, thank you very much,” Cuomo said.