TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – As Kansas continues to see a rise in coronavirus cases, state officials are pushing Kansans to take action through their “Stop the Spread” campaign. 

As the holiday season is underway, health officials say it’s critical for the community to take part in staying safe. 

“If we stop the spread, we’ll be able to keep healthcare, businesses, schools, and other services in our state open,” said Cindy Samuelson, Senior Vice President Member and Public Relations at the Kansas Hospital Association.  

Governor Laura Kelly launched the campaign before Thanksgiving in collaboration with KHA and several other state organizations. 

Since then, one of the campaign’s partner organizations, the Kansas Leadership Center, has received commitments to host more than 750 gatherings to promote local activities to mitigate spread. 

Samuelson spoke more of the state’s efforts to control the spread of the virus on Friday while preparing for the campaign’s next video.  

“We’re really trying to make Kansans know that each and every one of us plays an important role in those efforts,” she said. 

The campaign’s latest video highlights the state’s goal to keep businesses open through wearing masks and social distancing.

The state is also partnering with as part of the campaign and offer information on free testing sites to Kansans. They can get tested for exposure to the virus with or without symptoms. The state is encouraging people to get tested as a precaution, so they don’t spread the virus without knowing. 

“We must continue to encourage widespread testing, wear face coverings, and employ other mitigation strategies,” said Governor Kelly during her weekly coronavirus update Wednesday, while addressing the ongoing concern for increased cases in the state. 

The state expects to see another surge in cases in the coming weeks, as the holiday season continues. But officials are hoping that the “Stop the Spread” message will help people remain vigilant. 

The campaign aims to educate people on how they can stay safe in their community through four steps:  

  • Wearing a mask 
  • Washing hands often  
  • Keeping six feet of social distance 
  • Avoiding large gatherings  

The Kansas Farm Bureau, the Kansas Chamber of Business and the Kansas Medical Society are among the organizations that have joined in promoting the campaign’s message.