CHENEY, Kan. (KSNW) – Campers, jet skis, and boats are out in full force at Cheney Lake this weekend. Park officials say it almost felt like a holiday weekend.

Vicki Huff and her family are very familiar with the park. They come out every year during this time. Now, they are seeing some new faces.

“I think people are ready to get out. They’ve been cooped up,” said Huff.

While many businesses are closed from coronavirus, Cheney Lake is using it as a way to recover.

“The flooding last year we lost a lot of revenue during that time, and last weekend, we started out we were 100% full in our utility sites,” said Shayne Coppes, Cheney State Park Manager.

Big crowds, raising one question. KSN asked a couple of people if they felt social distancing was being practiced.

“Some people are, I think for the most part we are. There are some that you know that aren’t,” said Huff.

“I think they’re taking them as much as they want to. It kind of just depends,” said Amanda Smith.

For some the lake is an escape from reality.

“We’re just tired of being at home. Like, I mean, I’m a nurse so I’m literally around people constantly, and I just can’t sit on my couch anymore,” said Melissa Dominick.

“This is totally legal. It’s legal to be out,” said Carson Fair.

Park officials say it’s still important to practice social distancing while enjoying the parks.