TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A new poll shows more Kansans are beginning to disapprove of Gov. Laura Kelly’s job during the coronavirus outbreak.

Kelly sits at 50%. Half of the state approves of the way she is handling the crisis and half thinks she could do better.

The number is down from 68% in late April when the study began. The poll was conducted with university researchers through You can find the entire poll here.

Kelly has been trending in the wrong direction since April. Republican lawmaker Larry Alley, R-Winfield, said a big reason for that is because of Kelly’s executive orders.

“One size does not fit all and that’s what it seems like the governor has been trying to do,” said Sen. Alley. “They say okay, you have a problem in Johnson County, so every county is shut down, every county has these restrictions, and the people don’t want that.”

The decreasing poll numbers aren’t unique to Kansas. With coronavirus cases spreading around the country, only five governors have higher grades now than in April. The study also asked people how the president is doing.

“I don’t think that Governor Kelly’s decisions have helped the economy in the state of Kansas,” Alley said. “I think that the president was trying to help the economy for the whole nation, where I believe some of the decisions that the governor made hurt the economy and kept us locked down longer than we needed to, kept some of the businesses in the small communities locked down.”

The poll shows that President Trump sits at 35% approval for his handling of the crisis, down from 48% in April.

Rep. Rui Xu, D-Westwood, said that’s because the federal government hasn’t had a unified response.

“We’ve just seen absolutely no leadership at all from the federal level,” Rep. Xu said. “We saw this at the beginning of the pandemic, all the states we’re needing to negotiate against each other to get PPE and all the supplies they needed to really tackle it, and now we still have no national testing plan, we have no national plan to address this at all.”

He said the president and the governor have vastly different leadership styles.

“She just wants to follow the science and do what’s best for all Kansans whether or not that benefits her politically. The president’s leadership style kind of strikes me as the exact opposite,” Xu said.

As a whole, people are favoring the job of their governors to the president by nearly 20%.