SALINA, Kan. (KSNW) — Protestors outside a Salina medical center demanded fair treatment for all on Saturday. Protestors said Salina Regional Health Center turning patients away has always been an issue. Now, they’re frustrated because they claim hospital staff is turning people away because of vaccination status. 

“It is time for change,” protest organizer Amber Love said. “No one should be refused service because of vaccination status.” 

Amber Love grabbed her bullhorn on Saturday to protest outside the health center. She claims her father was refused service on Oct. 24 and died just days later. 

“They turned him away here because he wasn’t vaccinated and we are wanting change in the health care system,” Love said. 

Love and her family are thankful for all health care workers but just want doctors to be held accountable. 

“Don’t think we don’t see you or don’t appreciate you but something needs to happen,” Love said. “There needs to be change.” 

Protestors across the street are supporting medical professionals and are confident they have done their best to educate the community and every patient who enters the hospital receives care. 

“I’ve never heard of anyone being mistreated until all of a sudden last week,” Haley Helzer, a counter protestor said. “I just think that’s unfair to the hospital workers to go through this. 

“I think it’s disgusting that we’re politicizing a pandemic that’s been raging on for so long and it could’ve been stopped,” Raiden Gonzalez, a counter protestor, said. 

Some on the other side are not convinced.  

“We want to see everyone get the treatment they deserve. Nobody should be turned away based on a personal choice,” protestor Austin Hardin said. 

Protestors claim the hospital has a history of turning people away, but they will not rest until each and every person is seen. 

“We are not the only family and we won’t be the only family that will come forward,” Sarah McMillian, a protest organizer and sister of Love, said. “We’re not going away until that change is made.” 

Salina Regional Health Center said those claims are false. Eighty percent of its COVID patients right now are unvaccinated, and it does not deny care based on vaccination status.