WICHITA, Kan (KSNW) – The current COVID-19 positive rate is down to 4.7%. That’s the lowest it’s been since the last week of September. County leaders are set to meet on Friday to discuss the current health order which expires on March 20.

County commissioner Pete Meitzner said he is pleased with the community’s role in lowering the positivity rate. The county manager says fewer restrictions could be on the way but ultimately it’s up to the health officer.

“Now, the order that we currently have is in effect until sometime in March, we will talk with Dr. Minns on Friday about a number of things, but one of them is going to be what his feelings are on regulation right now, and I would bet he will definitely want to discuss that,” said Tom Stolz, Sedgwick County manager.

Stolz said they will also discuss who will be eligible to get the vaccine, the county plans to open it up to people aged 65 and older rather than 70 and older sometime next week.