WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Everyone listed under phase two in Sedgwick County’s vaccine rollout can now schedule an appointment. 

This includes appointments at a second mass vaccination site in West Wichita. 

At Central Community Church, Thursday was the first-day distributing vaccines. 

More than 1,000 people were given shots. Pastor Bob Beckler said he expects more than 3,000 to be distributed by Saturday. 

Beckler said the Sedgwick County Health Department and the Kansas National Guard partnered up with the church to open up the site for the weekend. 

“When the community comes to us and says, hey, can you help us, we’re always ready to do whatever we can to help them, and especially in this whole thing with this pandemic that we’ve been through,” said Beckler. 

Seventeen National Guardsmen are assisting at the site. Major Andrew Ormond said it is another big step towards vaccinating Kansans. 

“We have boots on the ground, whatever that might look like,” said Ormond. “From checking people in and processing through to monitoring for recovery, certainly giving shots of the vaccine so we’re just trying to help put an end to this thing as quick as we can with this effort of getting the shots in arms.”

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment Emergency Management Director Michael McNulty said another big site will help Kansas get through the phases a lot quicker. 

“Every shot in an arm gets us closer to that next phase,” said McNulty. “Once we get through two, we’re on to three and four until the end.”

For Wichita couple, Carolee and Robert Mueller, a vaccination site on the westside near their home meant they could finally get the shot. 

“It’s a direct route for most people, and it’s easy to find,” said Carolee.

Pastor Beckler said he is happy to fill the gaps and help out. 

“This is kind of our home and so we meet the needs and we try and reach out to our community here to our neighborhoods and so just have the ability to help them, we’re really excited about it,” said Beckler. 

It goes until Saturday, March 13. The site will relocate to K-State Research & Extension, 7001 W. 21st St. It will operate Monday through Saturday for the next two weeks.

Sedgwick County announced Tuesday that all residents listed in the Sedgwick County Phase 2 plan able to schedule an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine online.

Appointments are available at the following locations:

  • 223 S. Main | Former Wichita Central Library | Mondays through Saturdays
  • 6100 W. Maple | Central Community Church | March 11 to 13
  • 7001 W. 21st St. | K-State Research & Extension | Beginning Monday, March 15

Eligible groups:

  • Veterinarians
  • Public Safety
    • Public personnel (front-line and management, civilian and sworn) in emergency management, law enforcement, fire and rescue services, and security, public and private hazardous material responders, air medical service providers (pilots and supporting technicians), corrections, and search and rescue personnel
    • Personnel involved in the provisioning of access to emergency services, including the provisioning of real-time text, text-to911, and dialing 911 via relay
    • Workers at Independent System Operators and Regional Transmission Organizations, and Network Operations staff, engineers, and technicians to manage the network or operate facilities (ie. electric grid personnel)
    • Workers at emergency communication centers, public safety answering points, public safety communications centers, emergency operation centers, and 911 call centers
    • Public agency workers responding to abuse and neglect of children, spouses, elders, and dependent adults
    • Workers who support weather, disaster, and natural hazard mitigation and prevention activities
    • Agency staff who support child care and protective service programs such as child protective services
    • Agency staff for the District Attorney, Federal Court, District Court, or Municipal Court
  • Childcare Workers
    • Licensed Childcare Facilities – ONLY
  • Aviation Manufacturing Plants
  • Meat Processing Plants
  • Public Transportation
    • Public Ground and Air Transportation
    • K-12 School Bus Drivers vaccinated with
    • K-12 School Personnel
  • USPS + Dept. of Motor Vehicles
  • Higher Education
    • WSU, WSU Tech, Friends, Newman
  • Clergy or Religious Officials
  • Private Packaging + Postal Delivery
    • UPS, FedEx
  • Grocery Store + Food Services
    • Grocery Stores
    • Restaurant Workers
    • Food Processing
  • Agriculture with high contact with others
  • High Contact Retail Sales, Warehouse, Sales Outlets

Getting your vaccine

Please allow at least 45 minutes for the vaccine appointment and follow the steps below.

StepCritical Workers – Phase 2
1. Schedule appointmentSchedule appointment online (Dose 1) and complete emailed questionnaire, click “Next” and bring the printed vaccine voucher to the appointment. Contact your medical provider if you have questions about how the vaccine may interact with your medical condition and the medications you take.
2. Bring to appointmentCurrent ID badge indicating critical worker group and employment in Sedgwick County. If the employee does not have a badge, current wallet cards, current pay stubs, or a statement of current employment on employer letterhead is also acceptable.
3. At appointmentCheck-in, complete questionnaire (if not done prior to arrival), and follow instructions to receive the vaccine.
4. After receiving vaccineStay on-site, in the observation area, for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

Vaccine Questions:

Contact your medical provider prior to the vaccine appointment if you have questions about how the vaccine may interact with your medical condition and medications you take.

Please continue to direct general questions about the COVID-19 vaccine to (316) 660-1022; this line is not for scheduling appointments.

As of Wednesday, the county has given 65,872 COVID-19 shots and shared 9,750 vaccinations with area partners, including pharmacies.