WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – After going weeks without fans in the stands, USD 259 fall athletes will now have a crowd to play for.

“We have been getting the job done as far as the PPE and social distancing,” says East High Coach Ene Akpan.

Akpan and his high flying Blue Aces are ready to put on a show for the fans the next two weeks against Southeast and area powerhouse Northwest.

“It helps tremendously. I think playing in front of your parents in a game like that the parents are excited, you are excited, your family is excited, so just the atmosphere of being able to play in front of them is huge,” said Akpan.

The plan is specifically for all fall sports and activities. Each high school student-athlete will get four vouchers to give to family members, while middle school student-athletes will get two. Spectators will be expected to wear masks at all times and sit in family groups of four or less while maintaining social distance from others. All of this thanks to a board of education willing to bend and adjust the gameplan.

“We have listened to our parents and watched what happened in our community, and we have tried to build a plan that will allow some parents back in but still keep our people safe,” said USD 259 Board President Sheril Logan.

Superintendent Alicia Thompson is asking parents to follow the rules so they can watch their kids play.

“Follow the rules put in place, which I know our parents will do so we can continue on in this manner. I know they will,” said Thompson. “I have all confidence in our spectators and families. That is who they are our families. They are our kids. “

If spectators do not follow the rules they can be removed from the event and have their privilege revoked.