WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Instead of riding the high of graduating college, seniors like Hunter Briggs are trying to figure out, what’s next?

“It’s been very stressful, to be honest. I’ve applied for probably like 30 or 40 jobs in the last like two months,” said the soon-to-be Friend’s University graduate.

Director of the Friend’s University Career Services Department, Ramon Emmart, says students have been reaching out searching for help.

“They went from having one of the best job markets out there to having one of the worst and just a matter of a few weeks.”

For Wichita State University senior, Aliyah Funschelle, her game plan was to go to Columbia for graduate school in the Fall pursuing a career in sports. However, the coronavirus pandemic threw her a curveball.

“When sports are shut down, it’s kind of hard to even know like when are things gonna start back up again? And what’s it going to be like? Is there even going to be a job open for me?” she questioned.

Friend’s University Senior Lane Stanberry says he’s had a job offer lined up since August 2019. The pandemic has even caused moments of concern that his plans could be put on hold.

“What if I have to go for two months without this? So you know, what if I have to go two or three months not having an income? That’s something that’s really nerve-racking when you’re coming out of college and you rack up the debt,” he said.

The Career Service Department at Friend’s University says the best advice is to stay sharp.

“Students can get temp jobs or contract work and you know, kind of keep their skills sharp and build up some skill the resume some experience,” said Emmart.

Funschelle says the class of 2020 can even use the experience as a selling point/

“We are going to be equipped with so much more knowledge on how to handle adversity.”