WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A Wichita hospital is in need of donations that could help patients battling COVID-19. Ascension Via Christi said demand for convalescent plasma is outpacing supply, and the needed plasma isn’t available.

Angie Mooneyham has been in ICU at Via Christi since Monday.

“It’s been a very unique battle,” said Mooneyham.

Her battle started out as pneumonia two weeks ago that landed her in the ER and that’s when she tested positive for coronavirus.

“It got to where it was so hard to breathe and a lot of body aches,” said Mooneyham.

The virus has halted her health and her life. This mother of four is now having to miss sending her daughter off to college this week and unable to celebrate her son’s birthday who turned 22 on Wednesday.

“That’s the hard part about this disease because you can’t get a day pass or have them come visit you. You’re stuck here and you’re isolated. So you get to miss out on key events that won’t come again,” said Mooneyham.

But the promising convalescent plasma treatment is giving her hope. It’s plasma from patients who have fully recovered used to help those currently battling the virus. But a supply shortage has added to her worries.

“That means my stay here will be longer and life is on hold and my improvement of health and getting back to life is on hold too,” said Mooneyham.

She’s one of six patients on the waiting list to receive it at Via Christi. The hospital said the plasma is part of a trial and doctors have used it in the treatment of 81 patients who are severely ill with COVID-19.

“We have seen the majority of the patients get better and go home,” said Janie Krull, director of research for Ascension Via Christi.

As cases continue to spike across the country, the demand for plasma has outpaced supply.
The hospital and Mooneyham are asking those who have the antibodies to donate to help her and others beat COVID-19 too.

“And I’m hoping that I hurry up and heal, and I create these antibodies, and I’m going to come in and do it so I can assist others,” said Mooneyham.

If you have fully recovered from a verified COVID-19 diagnosis, you can sign up to give convalescent plasma and see if you qualify at RedCrossBlood.org/Plasma4COVID.