WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Safe Streets Wichita is trying to help educate people on the use of Naloxone, also known as Narcan, and how it can help save lives.

The coalition is also working to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic in Wichita.

“There has just been a surge in drug overdoses, and we feel like our community has to step up,” Safe Streets Wichita Community Mobilizer Ngoc Vuong said.

On Saturday, a group of volunteers packed their first-ever Naloxone kits. It is a part of the coalition’s new free intramuscular naloxone program.

Safe Streets said Narcan is in high demand. They hope to reach everyone in the community, regardless of their background.

“I grew up kind of on the south side of Wichita where you see different things moving around in the streets,” Jordy Mosqeda, Safe Streets Wichita volunteer, said.

Mosqeda is just one of the volunteers who wanted to see a change in Wichita.

Volunteers also hung messages on door handles on Saturday in different parts of Wichita.

“Motels, hotels, and some of our biggest overdose hotspots,” Vuong said.

They want to inform people about how Narcan can save lives and the signs of someone overdosing.

“Addressing some of the misconceptions about like, ‘Hey, it is safe and easy to use. If you try to administer naloxone and save someone’s life, you won’t be held liable to it,” Vuong said.

“Knowing what can go wrong but also what can go right, knowing what’s the right decision to make even though you may have made the decision to use drugs, there is also a way out of it,” Mosqeda said.

They hope this can make everyone work together for change.

“We want to make sure that there is a place and space for people to take action on the opioid epidemic in Wichita,” Vuong said.

They plan to hand out the free Narcan kits within the next few weeks.

Safe Streets is always looking for volunteers, and you can learn more here.