WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A weekly activity for many continuing to take up more and more of your budget.

“Prices are going up considerably in comparison to previous years. It’s been records. We haven’t seen the same thing since the 70s,” said Tyler Killgore, Green Acres Market, Assistant Corporate Grocery Buyer.

Across Green Acres Market in Wichita, you’ll see a 13.6% increase on products.

“I don’t think at this point that we’re seeing a big change in shopping habits. But we are focused more on everyday pricing rather than just specific blowouts. We’re trying to get the price every day for consumers,” Killgore said.

Their staff says working with local producers helps them save a bit more.

“The locals really try to work hard on keeping their products lower prices to try and sell more items,” said Blake Herron, Green Acres Market, Central Department Coordinator.

However, even that doesn’t always help.

“All of our local meat comes from local farmers, and they’ve seen about a 10-15% increase in the processing fees. So that’s kind of trickled down to us to where we’ve seen about a 7-12% increase just in our meat as well,” said Kirsty Hartley, store manager at Prairieland Market in Salina.

Hartley says their biggest struggle is with transportation costs, “A lot of our companies we get via semi trucks, and so the fuel surcharge that they’ve been charging us, even from January to now, it’s been about a 300% increase.”

The rising costs are changing how they order.

“We look at how much we have sold in the past six months, and if we haven’t sold very much, then we just hold off on it,” Hartley said. “Definitely looking at things that can kind of be more of a niche for us that people can’t find elsewhere. So then they’re going to be willing to pay if there is going to be an increased price.”

On your next grocery trip, some tips to help you save include signing up for reward programs and downloading the app for the grocery store. Along with walking through the store and really looking at prices to see where the better deals are on products.