WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Nominations for the 2022 Grammy Awards were recently announced, and a name from Wichita made the list. 

Roy Moye III never would’ve imagined himself being nominated for Grammy. He’s grateful to be part of a project that allows kids to see themselves in music that teaches them about science and technology. 

“Being a Grammy-nominated artist is really crazy,” Moye said. “It’s a dream come true. To be celebrated for the work that you do, especially in something that I am very passionate about because every music artist who’s really trying to do it professionally, the Grammys, that’s our Super Bowl.” 

Moye is more than just a local artist here in Wichita. He has sung the national anthem for the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs. He’s also been a contestant on BET’s “Sunday Best.” 

“I’m a gospel artist and did a little bit of time in R&B as well,” Moye said, “and STEM Music is all about reaching the next generation of black and brown kids.” 

Now, he’s a Grammy-nominated artist teaching kids about science and technology through a song he wrote and sang called “Black Lives Made STEM History.”

As a Black and Latino man who works in aviation, Moye said Black and brown people are often underrepresented in science and technology. 

“To use music to share that with the next generation of kids is very important to me,” Moye said. “It’s more of this passion and this mission in my life.” 

Moye is a member of the group 1 Tribe Collective. It’s 26 artists from across the country. Their album “All One Tribe” is nominated for Best Children’s Music Album. It’s a response to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. 

“We took a stand with our voices,” Moye said. “We took a stand with our gifts to show that, ‘Hey, freedom is what we need. Respect is what we need, and we’re all one tribe doing this together.’ That’s a powerful statement.” 

The Grammys are on Jan. 31 and Moye plans to attend the ceremony in Los Angeles. Moye’s song “Black Lives Made STEM History” is available on all streaming platforms.