WICHITA, Kansas – Today marks two weeks since Leon Smitherman came out of surgery for colon cancer with a clean bill of health.

Earlier this week, Mark Davidson and Katie Taube to check on their morning meteorologist.

They quickly discovered the smile’s back, the enthusiasm is back and the sense of humor is back. It’s Leon’s strength that’s been slow to return.

“Standing up, sitting down, simple day-to-day activities are really hard,” he told them. “I can’t believe how tired I’ll get in a short amount of time.”

But that’s slowly starting to change, and the bike will be purring again before you know it. In the meantime, the countless cards, e-mails, Facebook posts and much more are keeping him in the right frame of mind.

“Each and every one of those thoughts, prayers and well wishes, don’t think they don’t have a lot of energy attached to them. They’re amazing, ” he said with a smile.

And let’s don’t forget the mission, the reason he’s taken his battle public. He’ll tell you it’s made the whole thing worth it.

“There have been hundreds of people who have said this story has prompted them to make a difference. You couldn’t tell me anything that would make me any happier.”

Leon got a great report from his doctor as his most recent check-up. He’s hopeful to return to Kansas Today on a limited basis sometime next week.