One teen in Dodge City is hoping that talking about suicide could help save lives. 

Officials tell KSN News there has been an increase, especially with teens.

In the past eight months, 19-year-old Letticia Ramirez has had six friends take their own life. One of them being her friend MJ. 

“How many friends am I going to have to bury this year?”

MJ’s mom shared photos of her daughter with us.

“Just in two months, we lost a really great girl.”

Ramirez says it’s heartbreaking, but she’s confused why its becoming a trend, especially with teens.

“Like we haven’t started living life. But at the same time, we’re so misunderstood.”

This year there’s been an increase rate of suicide: 16 attempts and four suicides in Dodge City.

But Lieutenant Mooradian says there’s more within the county.

“Seven kids in the age range of 14-19, just this year, in Ford County and Dodge City have committed suicide,” said Lt. Mooradian. “You know you hear things of suicide being a trend, and it’s very important to pay attention to the warning signs as well,”

Some warning signs include excessive sadness, relationship issues, withdrawing from activities and change in behavior.

“If we’re more aware of the signs and stuff, maybe we could save a life. Even if it’s just one, we’re saving a life,” said Ramirez.

For anyone who feels like they need help, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255