Jason Hinton (Photo provided by Chase County Sheriff’s Office)

CHASE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — In a Facebook post on Monday, the Sedgwick County Government shared just how involved the Sedgwick County Emergency Management K-9 Search Team was in locating 44-year-old Jason Hinton, who was found dead after he went missing on Tuesday, April 6.

According to the Facebook post, the K-9 search team was deployed to Chase County on Tuesday, April 12, to help their sheriff’s department locate Hinton.

K-9 units Kali, Bailey, Piper, Rusty, Jinx and Bella, along with their handlers, spent 11 hours searching farmland, wooded areas and a river.

The Facebook post states that K-9 unit Kali alerted her handler, Christie Dalman, to a specific location along the riverbank. Kali’s alert was later confirmed by all of the other K-9 units searching the area.

Game wardens from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks then arrived at the scene with a powered canoe and sonar to search the river for Hinton. The Facebook post says the game wardens worked alongside water-certified K-9 units Rusty and Jinx, who had both alerted on the same area of the river.

The river’s depth and high winds complicated the search. With upcoming severe weather and the day coming to an end, the team was not able to locate Hinton, who was believed to be in the river, at that time.

The location of K-9 unit Kali’s first alert was then marked so searchers could come back to it.

Over the weekend, searchers, including Hinton’s family, returned to the marked spot to find Hinton in the river.

The Sedgwick County Government said in the Facebook post, “We are proud of our K9 Search Team for volunteering their time and skills to help bring closure to the family and support our Law Enforcement partners in Chase County. We are grateful to have such incredible volunteers.”