Enrollment increases at Kansas universities

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) - The Kansas Board of Regents released preliminary figures that show a slight increase at state universities and a small decrease in systemwide enrollment of full-time equivalent students.

Institution Fall 2018 FT Enrollment Difference from 2017 Percent from 2017
Emporia State University 4,493 25 0.57
Fort Hays State University 9,473 190 2.05
Kansas State University 18,824 102 0.54
Pittsburg State University 5,988 -248 -3.98
University of Kansas 24,246 -151 -0.62
Wichita State University 11,285 176 1.58
University Total 74,308 95 0.13

Across the six state universities, there was an increase of 95 FTE students (0.13 percent) compared to the preliminary census day count in 2017. Increased enrollment was seen at Emporia State University (25 FTE students; 0.57 percent), Fort Hays State University (190 FTE students; 2.05 percent), Kansas State University (102 FTE students; 0.54 percent), and Wichita State University (176 FTE students; 1.58 percent). Pittsburg State University saw a decrease in the number of enrollments (248 FTE students; -3.98 percent), as did the University of Kansas (151 FTE students; -0.62 percent). Washburn University, the state's municipal university, also had decreased enrollment (79 FTE students; -1.28 percent).

"While enrollment results this year are mixed, the Board continues to look at ways we can help more Kansans advance their education beyond high school," said Blake Flanders, president and CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents. "Increasing the number of Kansans who earn a certificate or degree helps increase earnings for families and helps our businesses thrive."

Click here for preliminary fall enrollment figures for each institution.

In the two-year sector, enrollment was down across the state's 19 community colleges with a reported decrease of 1,112 FTE students (-2.60 percent). Enrollment increased across the state's technical colleges, where an additional 289 FTE students (5.26 percent) are enrolled this fall compared to the preliminary census day count in 2017.


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