KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KSNW) — After violent windstorms caused power outages across the state of Kansas, Evergy estimated that over 258,000 customers were without power.

According to a press release from Evergy, over 90% of the affected customers had their power restored by Thursday evening.

Wednesday’s storms brought sustained high winds to the Evergy’s entire service area with gusts of up to 100 mph in some places. The winds broke down power lines, broke poles, and caused other damage to the power grid.

Evergy had extra crews from Ameren, Liberty Utilities, and the City of Springfield available to help restore power, and by Thursday morning, roughly 62% of customers had power returned. By Thursday evening, over 90% had their power back.

“As the weather cools down, customers are encouraged to assess the personal safety of staying at home during extended power outages. Family members who are very young, elderly or have compromised health may need to seek alternative shelter. If you have family, friends or neighbors who are without power, please check on them,” Evergy said in the release.