TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) – Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Rogers is asking Kansans to ignore and delete any text messages received from unknown sources indicating the office is holding their unclaimed property.

Over the past several months, the office has received reports of Kansans who have received text messages which contain links encouraging the recipient to share personal information in order to claim their property.

“Our Unclaimed Property Division does not utilize text messaging as a means of contacting individuals or conducting state business,” said Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Rogers. “These messages should be ignored and deleted. When we communicate with people about unclaimed property, we do so by e-mail or letter, never by text messages.”

The Kansas State Treasurer’s Office is the custodian of more than $400 million of unclaimed property, which is property that has been reverted to the state for safekeeping.

“One of the best services we offer is helping return lost money to the people of Kansas,” said Rogers. “We take pride in providing high-quality service to Kansans, and that includes having safeguards in place to protect their personal information.”

Kansans can visit and search for unclaimed property that may be due to them. As always, claiming your unclaimed property directly from the Kansas State Treasurer’s Office is free of charge.