WICHITA, Kan (KSNW) – Three months and no money, Brandon Vanzandt, a Kansas man on unemployment, says he is still waiting for the department of labor to process his claim.

Last week, the Kansas Department of Labor said it paid out more than $13 million in unemployment, but there is currently a backlog of over 12,000 Kansans who are still waiting for unemployment.

Vanzandt is one of many stuck in that predicament.

“I have a 1-year-old daughter at home so things like paying for her diapers have become a concern on our budget,” he said.

Vanzandt said he hasn’t received a check this year. A spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Labor said they are working to pay people like Vanzandt who have been approved.

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program is paying almost 30,000 people, but almost 18,000 claims are still being processed. KDOL said it will be working on identifying and notifying claimants on that backlog of any issues in the filing process.

Vanzandt said he is losing hope.

“It’s just been a waiting game for myself and many, many other Kansans who oftentimes, they are losing their phones, they are losing their cars, they’re losing their houses, and in some cases too, their rental properties,” said Vanzandt.

KDOL said many of the people on the backlog have an incomplete claim. They said once that claim is squared away, those people will start receiving assistance.