A group of Wichita volunteers has created a unique Halloween costume for an Oklahoma boy.

“They are giving him something, a chance to do something he wouldn’t be able to do without their technology and their willingness to provide it for him and put hours and hours in it,” said Shelly Stewart. 

Shelly Stewart’s grandson, Logan, suffered a traumatic head injury when he was 2 years old.

“It was non-accidental head trauma which means it was not an accident,” Stewart said. “It was child abuse.”

Logan, now 13, then suffered two strokes after the initial injury.

“So his entire right brain has been stroked in addition to all but a third of his left brain has been stroked,” Stewart said.

Logan can no longer use one side of his body. He relies on a wheelchair to get around.

“To be a normal child, not born with a disease or contracted a disease, and have your life completely ripped away from you is so unfair,” Stewart said.

However, Logan’s injuries have not changed his attitude on life.

“He’s just always smiling. He’s just a happy child,” Stewart explained. “Logan’s smile lights up a room.”

Thanks to volunteers at MakeICT, Logan’s Halloween costume will light up his neighborhood streets.

“We have running lights, we have headlights,” explained MakeICT member David Springs.

Springs said he and numerous MakeICT volunteers have teamed up with the national nonprofit Magic Wheelchair to create a firetruck costume for Logan free of charge.

“We asked our members if they would donate. They jumped right in and paid for the whole thing,” Springs said. 

Logan’s costume is able to wrap around his wheelchair. It has lights, sirens, an apparatus that blows bubbles and even a button he can push for the fire truck to say trick or treat.

“It’s kind of cool because a lot of times a child in a wheelchair, they will go to the park, they’ll be avoided by other kids and things like that, but they get this wheelchair in here and every other kid in the world envies them and now they’re the center of attention. It changes their life sometimes,” Springs said.

Stewart said she’s grateful for MakeICT and Magic Wheelchair. She said the organizations have brought immense joy to Logan.

“It’s just awesome, and I thank them so so much,” Stewart said.