KANSAS (KSNW) — Wildfires are burning across the state of Kansas.

Fire 1:

One of the wildfires is near Clayton in Decatur County.

Traffic on Highway 383 is being rerouted at the 83/383/23 junction, just east of Seldon. Traffic wanting to go eastbound on Highway 383 will be routed north on U.S. Highway 83 to Oberlin. Only local traffic is being let through.

Fire 2:

Another wildfire is taking place in Comanche County.

The blaze erupted yesterday and Comanche County Emergency management tells KSN they are unaware of how widespread the fire is.

The Kansas Forest Service is assisting area firefighters in fighting the flames.

Fire 3:

A large grass fire in Barber County, at Gerlane and Hillside, has Emergency Management asking the public to avoid the area and watch out for responding fire units.

Fires 4-7:

The Augusta Fire District has dealt with four fires today. Around 250 acres were burned due to grassfire(s). Two outbuildings were lost to the fire.

Fire 8:

A fire in Butler County, which is now contained, evacuated homes earlier today. There was no damage reported.