ANTHONY, Kan. (KSNW) – Valentine’s is a day dedicated to love. Americans are expected to spend $27.4 billion dollars this Valentine’s Day nationwide, up 32% from 2019, and flowers are on the top of the purchase list. 

J-Mac Flowers & Gifts in the small town of Anthony, Kansas has been buzzing all week long. Valentine’s Day here means big business. Especially as one of the few fresh flower shops within a 45 mile radius. 

J-Mac Flowers & Gifts is usually staffed by two-to-three employees throughout the year. But during the week of Valentine’s, store owner Lix LePard boosts staff to five times that to keep up with demand. 

“Typically, it’s one full-time, one part-time. Well, two full-time including myself. Day of, I think a dozen or 15,” says store owner Lix LePard.

Even though Lix and the staff are overwhelmed with orders, the crew keeps the mood light and fun to get through the day. Lix makes sure her team is taken care of and stays fed. They will all go the extra mile, wrapping and unwrapping flowers for delivery to protect them from the cold and dry weather, to ensure a great product for their customers. 

Lix says during the year, the store mostly takes walk-in customers and special occasion orders for weddings and funerals at a considerably lower volume. Valentine’s Day is the day the shop takes in the most revenue for the year.