COWLEY COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – A Kansas couple is using their knowledge as beef producers and direct marketers to get beef back into Kansas food pantries.

Barry and Nadine Barber say they noticed the shortage of beef in stores and wanted to do something about it. Using the connection with their client base as owners of Turkey Foot Ranch, the Barbers initiated the Burger Cow Project, asking cattle ranchers in their network to sell the cattle that would otherwise be culled from their herds to supply nutrient-dense protein to food pantries in the region.

The couple says they’ve been fortunate and realize many aren’t in the same position.

“We wanted to kind of pay it forward and do what we could to get something out there to help out people in this time,” said Barry Barber. “It’s kind of a dire time and there’s people in need.”

The Barbers have partnered with Legacy Regional Community Foundation of Winfield, a 501c3, not for profit organization, to assist with costs for the project like locker fees and other expenses with help from the K-State Extension Office in Cowley County.

“There is still a cost. The cows have to eat some food, there’s processing costs and then transportation to get it where it needs to go,” said Becky Reid, Family & Consumer Science Extension Agent, K-State. “Being able to link with The Legacy Regional Community Foundation based in Winfield and just being able to then have fundraising taken on by them, I think really, we’ve looked at this as a community of how do you connect the dots to really let people capitalize on their strengths.

Two cows will be processed April 24, four cows in May and six cows in June which should provide close to 8,500 lbs of locally raised burger.

Donations for the Burger Cow Project are accepted through the Legacy Foundation website and accepted by mail at:
PO Box 713
Winfield, KS 67156
Note “Burger Cow Project” on your check.