WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – GraceMed Health Clinic in Wichita said it is experiencing a backlog in COVID-19 testing. Officials in the clinic said the demand for testing increased within the last three to four weeks.

“We have a huge demand and like you mentioned earlier, we have over 100 people waiting to be tested,” said Dr. Julie Elder, Chief Medical Officer at GraceMed.”That waitlist really varies day-to-day, but we really do our best to try and get patients in, get them tested, and give them some answers.”

According to Elder, the clinic will extend its testing hours on Tuesday to try and accommodate the demand to get people their results in a timely.

“The turnaround time for the results is roughly 48 hours, we try to get those results out to people as quickly as we can even on the weekends,” said Elder.

The GraceMed Clinic can test around 70 people a day.

Elder said people with negative results should continue to follow CDC, health department guidelines when it comes to social gatherings during the holidays.

“I mean, stay at home spend time with immediate family avoid, you know, exposing yourselves or potentially other people to the virus,” said Elder.

She said the clinic will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the holidays.

The Sedgwick County Health Department said it currently does not have a backlog in COVID testing. Department officials said they are able to schedule people the day of if it works for their schedule and timing.

If a person needs to get tested, they can call (316) 660-1022 to make an appointment. If there is not a live answer, messages are returned within two business days. We are able to test anyone regardless if they have symptoms or not.