WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Intrust Bank arena staff and Sedgwick County are coming together to pack and distribute thousands of boxes of personal protective equipment, or PPE, to area business.

“We had about 500 pallets delivered to us, and those who will go out as 10,000 kits,” said AJ Boleski, General Manager, ASM Global/INTRUST Bank Arena. The GM says he and a crew of 14 Intrust staff have been making PPE kits, small and large, since Monday for area businesses.

Items included are everything from hand sanitizer, face mask, thermometers, bleach, and more, according to Boleski.

Sedgwick County sent surveys to local businesses earlier in the year, asking what their needs were, and PPE supplies rose to the top as one of the highest selected.

The pallets of items used to make the kits total over $3 million in CARES Act funding to be distributed into 10,000 PPE packages for businesses that sign up through the Sedgwick County website before October 7. The kits will go out the following week, October 14.

Boleski says he, like many, can’t wait for the area staff to get back to putting on events and concerts for their community, but having some of the team back to over the last week has been more than enjoyable for him and the employees.

“It’s been a great thing you know. It’s kind of like getting back on the bike after we’ve been off for a while, but everybody’s had a great time seeing each other this week,” Boleski told KSN. “We’re used to just jumping in and making things happen. And so we’re doing things a little differently this week, putting together PPE kits, instead of putting on events, but we are having a great time doing it.”