WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Throughout the pandemic, the Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas has been mailing postcards etched with encouraging messages to people in the community.

 “Right now, the volunteers that have been serving those folks are taking their time to write these cards,” said Bailey Blair with the MHA.

Blair said they want to help people who are feeling isolated or are feeling the stress of COVID-19. She said during this time, elderly people, first responders, and people in supportive living environments are amongst those who have been affected in some way by COVID-19.

“We have been looking at folks in nursing homes, in supportive living environments, but also, we are looking at and reaching out to first responders and those who are really deeply impacted by this crisis,” said Blair.

She said the NHA has received around 40,000 postcards to distribute or mail to people needing a pick me up. She said there is no cost in sending the postcards.

“An effort to make sure that everyone in the community and those outlying areas are contacted,” said Blair.

She hopes more people start picking up that pen and paper and begin engaging with their community.