WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Data showing a decreasing trend in COVID-19 positivity rates in Sedgwick County has allowed restrictions to be eased for local businesses.

The county’s health officer signed a new health order, which reduced restrictions. The changes apply to mass gathering sizes, bar and restaurant hours, and event centers.

“Due to the data, it was appropriate to relax the order to help our local businesses but if trends reverse, we may need to put some restrictions back in place,” said Dr. Garold Minns.

The Venue manager Joel Gutierrez said this is good news for his venue.

“It means that we can actually start holding our events because we’re a medium-sized venue, and being a medium-sized venue, most of our bookings are over 100 people,” said Gutierrez. “So it makes it really hard to tell people that they can max it out at 100.”

He said the news has also provided hope to those who are planning an event.

“We have already had a lot I actually have two bookings today because everybody’s anticipating things opening back up,” said Gutierrez.

While the changes may help some, others won’t see a change.

“It really bears no change in my life, you know in our venue, it can hold inside 550, outdoors it can hold up to 4,000,” said Wave Operator Jessie Hartke. “So until we can get closer to those numbers, it’s not financially beneficial for me to open. I will lose money.”

Hartke said even if restrictions were lifted, she still doesn’t have talent to help fill her venue.

“We promote bands, and there aren’t there hardly any bands touring right now, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to be open, I have no shows to put on,” said Hartke.

Hartke said sadly, Wave will continue to have its doors closed.

“Until we can open at full capacity, we’re going to be sidelined, there, it just does not make financial sense for me to open,” said Hartke.