WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – This Friday, the Nomar Theater will have new owners. Its current keepers, the Basham brothers, put the theater up for auction following the death of their father.

“I’ve always loved that theater, and it’s a beautiful piece of history for the city and especially for that in the town,” said J Basham.

The theater opened in 1929 near 21st and Market. It has been a part of the north side community for nearly 100 years. Basham said his father purchased the theater in the 80s and used it for his furniture store. It is currently in shambles.

“A lot of that property needs to be cleaned up and repaired,” said Basham. “The roof needs to be replaced, there’s water damage.”

He said he tried to revitalize the theater, hoping to use it as a performing arts center. But that plan did not work out.

“We set up a 501(C)(3) to do that, we just didn’t get any interest in the community to do it,” he said. “I hope that someone does.”

“It is an opportunity, if somebody has that idea to go in and restore it, we’d love to see that,” said Braden McCurdy, CEO at McCurdy Auction.

The Nomar Theater along with three other buildings in the area will be going up for auction this Friday at noon.

“This will be a live auction and will be set up there on the property in the building next door, and so bidders are able to come and see the properties in person ahead of time,” said McCurdy.

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