WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Peaceful protest continued Wednesday afternoon in the Air Capital. Project Justice ICT organized a march at the ICT Pop-up Urban Park in Downtown. 

This comes after one of its organizers, Gabrielle Griffie, was arrested Sunday on suspicion of misdemeanor unlawful assembly. She was released that afternoon.

“It didn’t discourage me. No, I mean, if anything I felt more solidified,” said Gabrielle Griffie, executive director for Project Justice ICT.

“You can ask a lot of people out here, we all wanted to be out here even more,” said demonstrator Brandon.

Many of the demonstrators who attended the march were also wearing dark colored clothing.

“People are wearing black clothing probably because they realize that the cops really are observing people out here,” said Griffie.

Griffie says getting arrested is a risk many demonstrators could face while marching but says Project Justice ICT made sure to adequately prepare for Wednesday afternoon’s march.

“Organizers know that it’s a risk but we just needed to make sure that we were prepared to have legal protection,” said Griffie.

She also said organizers made sure to reassess the group’s formation.

“People will be driving with us, people who are riding on bikes, to sort of scope out the field and make sure that nobody wants to be, you know,  come at us with their vehicles or anything like that,” said Griffie.

The Wichita Police Department was also nearby blocking traffic while demonstrators moved across the streets.