WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Power 93.5’s Greg ‘Hitman’ Williams is back on the air this week, but it’s not business as usual for the radio personality.

Greg ‘Hitman’ Williams is working from home in his makeshift studio after recovering from COVID-19.

“Our company gave me broadcast from home equipment, and I have if you will, a studio set up in my office downstairs, microphone, the whole nine yards. We do the Facetime on the phone so we can look at each other, we are constantly emailing and chatting back and forth,” said Williams.

The Hitman said it’s been an adjustment getting back in the swing of things since he is still on some medications and steroids, which get him pretty ramped up. Despite all of this, he was ready to get back to work.

“I told my partner Carla in the morning, I said you know what, I feel like a kid on Christmas eve that can’t wait to get up and open Christmas presents,” said Williams.

Williams said he did have some fear that he had throat damage from COVID-19 and worried about how he’d sound on air. He learned he does have one vocal cord that is larger than the other, but he said doctors believe it can be treated successfully.  

Now, the radio personality said he’s is feeling better and sounding better. 

“I mean you can hear my voice now, I mean I feel really good talking, as you know a week ago it was pretty bumpy for a while,” said Williams.  

Above all, Williams said it was the support from his friends, family, and community which really helped him and inspired him, ultimately helping him get through a really difficult time.  

“I am doing what I love, I love to be on the radio and have fun,” said Williams. “Hopefully make people laugh at the same time.”

He plans to return to the studio next week and hopes that his road to recovery will encourage others to keep wearing masks and social distancing.