WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Four law enforcement officers are recovering after an officer-involved shooting in Dodge City on Monday.

Throughout this situation, law enforcement agencies say they stick together, describing their relationship as a family.

Trooper Michael Racy is a Kansas Highway Patrol technical trooper, and he says in rural Kansas, so many people know one another.

“We’re not in the metro,” Trooper Racy said. “We’re out here, and in rural areas, so we know each other. We know each other’s families most of the time.”

Finney County Sheriff Michael Warren says they are ready to help.

“They reach out to us and need some assistance. We’ll be right there for them,” Sheriff Warren said.

The KHP assists if an agency is short-staffed.

“So we listen to the radio talk and listen,” Trooper Racy said. “So if they have something that’s coming up in the county, we will definitely respond to help them if they’re short on units.”

The Fraternal Order of Police for Wichita, Sedgwick County, and Kansas is giving hotels and food to the families of the deputies who are receiving treatment in Wichita.

“The family members related are having their family members go out there and protect and serve the community, and they don’t get the support,” President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge Five David Inkelaar said. “So we’re being able to give back and give their support to their family.

Law enforcement across Kansas say that they are close-knit regardless of the distance between them.

“We’re very close,” Sheriff Warren said. “We’re all family. We’re here to help each other all the time.”

The sheriff’s deputies involved in the shooting are all on paid administrative leave pending further investigation.

Inkelaar says everyone who responded or had a part in what happened Monday needs support. He says just stopping by your local agency goes a long way.