WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations continued Saturday in Wichita. 

Some Wichitans spent the morning testing their luck with a run. It was CrossFit Wichita’s third annual Leprechaun Chase. 

The goal: To catch the leprechaun.  Members chased him all across downtown, completing different stations on their pursuit.

The event brought a unique way to celebrate the annual holiday.  

“Rather than going out and partaking in the normal ways that folks sometimes celebrate St. Patrick’s Day,” says CrossFit Wichita co-owner Jeff Kniep, “we like to come at it from a healthy perspective: getting out, staying active, being in the community and just hanging out with each other.”

The chase ended back at CrossFit Wichita with a nice brunch for everyone involved. For more about CrossFit Wichita, visit their website.